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In today's world, many people suffer from chronic dehydration due to a lack of trust in the water coming from their tap. We understand this concern, which is why we offer the best water treatment systems available in the water treatment industry, backed up by professional service & support. We personalize each solution based on an on-site water test and provide you with our recommendations for your unique requirements. Schedule a free water test with us today.

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Free Water Test

One of our water technicians will visit you on-site for a city water test or a well water test. For city water, you'll receive a written report that shows the results of a 6-point test including: Ammonia, Phosphates, Hardness, Chlorine, Total Dissolved Solids, and pH. For well water, add: Nitrates, Iron, Manganese, Sulphur, and Tannins. We will also show you the options available to provide you peace of mind that you have the healthiest water for your drinking, cooking, bathing & washing needs.

Hague Water Treatment Systems

Water treatment systems are crucial for ensuring access to clean and safe water. These systems work by removing impurities, harmful chemicals, and contaminants from water sources, making it safe for consumption and use. Without proper water treatment, drinking contaminated water can lead to  health problems. Additionally, untreated water can damage equipment and infrastructure, leading to costly repairs and downtime. Investing in a water treatment system can save you money in the long run, as it helps reduce maintenance costs and increases the lifespan of your equipment. Moreover, it's important to conserve water by reducing waste, and a good water treatment system can help achieve that goal.

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